Starting from Scratch

Blaine is no stranger to the trials of competition and ambition. He began his career in a quaint town in Northwest Mississippi, managing content for “SetToDestroyX”, a Canadian Esports organization which would later become known as Lazarus -- Canada’s first Esports team.

During his time as a content manager for SetToDestroyX, he planned, developed, and maintained the content that the organization would produce. Although Canada is currently the eighth highest-earning country in the realm of esports, manifesting the first esports organization of any country would be no easy task at the time -- Blaine’s work was cut out for him. Refusing to allow a looming mountain of obstacles to overshadow his determination, Blaine hardened his resolve, tackling both content management and collegiate soccer during his time at Mississippi university.

However, after a year of fighting on both fronts, Blaine eventually dropped his work in esports to focus solely on soccer and his education. Though sports had been a lifelong passion of his, Blaine was no stranger to the adverse effects of one dedicating their life to such an endeavor.

“It was to the point where my body was breaking down. Playing sports my entire life -- in quite literally every season of every year -- began to take a toll on my body. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my entire life, but I was lucky enough to be able to transfer from one passion to another,” Blaine said.

Trading in one competitive landscape for another, Blaine transferred colleges and set his sights back on the esports industry, working as the Director of Esports for Mississippi State University. At MSU, Blaine maintained rosters, managed the marketing needs for the school, and worked with video editing, social media, and graphic and apparel design.

After a year of working at MSU, Blaine received a monumental offer -- a Social Media Manager position at ElevateGG.

“In my head at the time, it was a no brainer. I finally accomplished my childhood dreams and stepped into the professional side of esports.”

Not wasting a moment, Blaine began to work his way up in the industry, absorbing every morsel of knowledge and experience he could attain. Eventually, ElevateGG made Blaine their Marketing Manager, and he continued to work on his craft.

“Blaine is very fun and easy to work with. He allows a lot of creative freedom when it comes to social media content and communicates effectively what he'd like done in a project. He's a great friend and a great boss and people who work for him should consider themselves lucky to work for a person so knowledgeable and talented,”  said Joshua, the current Social Media Manager at Elevate, said.

However, Blaine’s time with ElevateGG temporarily came to an end, following the death of his grandfather, as well as the discovery of certain developments that he disagreed with. He decided to take a step back.

2 months later, Justin Tan approached him, urging him to continue his efforts at Elevate.

“I was aware of Justin from before I left. He was my saving grace -- we shared the same viewpoints and goals of where we wanted the company to move forward. I knew my grandfather wouldn’t have wanted me to sit around and be unproductive, so we got to work. We took something and laid the foundation for something really special,” Blaine said.

Justin brought him back on board as the Director of Marketing, and Blaine continued to work at Elevate for another year.

“I felt I did everything I could for the company. I knew I could accomplish more with the right company, so after a lot of thought, I decided to step back and focus on how to better myself to achieve greater things.”

Joining the Wolves

Early May, 2021 -- Blaine reached out to Dylan “Scrimmzy” Reese; the owner of the Wichita Wolves, noticing their recent success in being officially signed with the City of Wichita, alongside other developments that have boosted their growth as a company.

“I saw how they were doing things, and they were doing them right. I did an extensive search into their organization and noticed that they needed someone like myself. Their marketing at the moment was okay, but I knew I could offer bigger and better things for the company.”

Seizing the moment, Blaine immediately got to work, leaping into action on the social media front to prove his worth.

At this time, he is on the frontline of all production, social media engagement, and content. The working relationship between him and his staff members is that of a mentor; his staff can always rely on him to give proper guidance to better themselves.

"I've never really met someone like Blaine. He's a very driven individual that pushes not only the company but his staff to be the best versions of themselves." said the owner of the Wichita Wolves, Dylan Reese. 

Blaine works very closely with his Creative Director, Devan, also known as “Sparkz”. Their combined efforts ensure the success on the marketing front of the company, as they push out quality posts and content.

"Working with Blaine doesn’t even feel like work most of the time. I feel like I’m just having fun doing what I love with a friend,” Devan said.

The Future for the Wolves

Embracing the creed of his organization’s mascot, Blaine works steadfastly to foster his professional relationships.

“I think I’m here for the long haul. I love the people I get to work with on a daily basis, and I love what we represent. We stand together to a point where we not only try to better ourselves, but the people we associate with as well, and that really resonates with me. We always want to do what’s best for our players, staff, and creators, whether that benefits us or not. We just want to see ourselves and others succeed. Our goal is to show everyone in Wichita, Kansas, that you can break the stereotypes set by the general public. The mountain of obstacles that lay ahead of us are steep, but I wouldn’t want to make that climb with any other group of people. We are definitely going to have to take a lot of breaks for Josh, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.”

Although speculation and scrutiny may currently loom over Blaine and his team, he continues to showcase his resolve and determination:

“While many may cast their doubts towards us at the moment, all I can tell them is this,” Blaine says.

“Sit back and watch.”