As the ever-evolving landscape of esports goes on the rise, those with the propensity to meet its challenges begin to surface in its wake. In December of 2015, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter was released. In its wake -- Devan “Sparkz” Sparks was baptized into the realm of esports.

             Devan was able to quickly find his way around Rainbow Six Siege, connecting with professional players from eXcellence Gaming -- an esports organization that has competed on the Rainbow Six Siege front from the moment of its release.

 “After playing with and becoming friends with pros such as Dashboard and LaXInG from eXcellence Gaming, I realized that was something I wanted to do”, Devan said of his peers.

            Not too long after, in the beginning of 2016, Devan joined an underage team, which consisted of professional Rainbow Six Siege player “Yoggah” and briefly, current NAL Caster “Stoax”. However, in 2017, Yoggah made the switch from competitive Xbox gameplay to competitive PC gameplay, which led to the team disbanding. Despite the setback, Devan’s passion for the esports scene remained strong, ushering him towards a new approach to the esports field: graphic design. Starting off as a casual designer, Devan worked with various organizations, but eventually joined Fury Gaming -- a competitive esports team that focused primarily on first-person shooters.

 “At the time, Fury was my first and only ‘professionally structured’ team that actually had a bright future and potential,” Devan said.

            Devan worked closely with Fury Gaming for a few months, but had to take a step back for personal reasons. After another brief period, he rejoined the organization until operations ceased in 2019. Following a long break from the scene, Devan alongside a few of his peers were approached by “Scrimmzy” in April of 2020. On the first of May, Devan signed with the Wichita Wolves as its Head of Design, was quickly promoted to Creative Director, and soon after became its Chief Creative Officer.

 “Working with Devan has been a blessing, and I look forward to working with him further,” Dylan “Scrimmzy” Reese said.

             Now, Devan looks to integrate his state-of-the-art graphics with the future of the Wolves. Through his work, he hopes to create and maintain high quality designs that highlight his expertise as a seasoned gamer and artist, but even moreso, as a Wolf.