Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Ari “Nefffss” is a Twitch streamer, Tiktok content creator, and Rainbow Six Siege enthusiast.


Coming from a background of Minecraft and Terraria, the concept of shooter games seemed foreign to Nefffss until her freshman year of high school, when she became enamored with favorite game of all time: Borderlands 2 (which she promptly completed on her modest 2013 Macbook Air).


In the summer following her freshman year, Nefffss decided to shelve her gaming passions due to her family relocating and a busy schedule in all aspects of life -- work, academia, and sports. However, following the mainstream usage of online platforms through COVID, Nefffss became reacquainted with an old passion:


“I was a straight A student, so I didn’t really have time for that stuff, especially with sports and my job. But then, COVID rolled around and my friends reintroduced me to Siege, and I found it really fun,” Nefffss said of her reintroduction into gaming.


Though she was familiar with the concept of streaming, Nefffss had never actually watched a stream following her resurgence into gaming. For the next month or two, she began to watch Twitch streamers.


“Streamers like ‘FastAnne’, ‘Ash12tyn’, and ‘Braction’ gave me the courage to start streaming,” Nefffss said of her peers.


Nefffss attributes her explosive entry into streaming to her friend Bryan, who is a Roblox developer.


“For my first week of streaming, he gave me a shout out in his Discord server and that’s how I got my first viewers. They were super supportive and gave me a lot of confidence, so I’ve kinda been grinding it ever since.”


On August 23, 2021, Nefffss joined the Wichita Wolves as a content creator, settling in with her new organization quickly:


“Everyone I’ve met so far working in the Wolves have been so welcoming and friendly; it really feels like a family. The Wolves really push me to achieve as much as possible, and in the past few months they have given me tons of great opportunities and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. My future goals are to keep streaming while I pursue my psychology degree in Austria and build an even bigger stream family than I already have.”


Hoping to continue her meteoric trajectory in streaming as well as her passion for academics, one thing is clear: although Nefffss’s reign has just begun, her grind is far from over.