Wichita's official esports team, the Wichita Wolves, is breaking into the Warzone competitive scene.  Within the past two weeks, the Wolves signed a competitive Warzone player who goes by the alias "Ike." As the youngest of brothers, he became interested in Call of Duty very early on.  The first Call of Duty game he played was Modern Warfare 2 at the age of 10.  He began to watch competitive Call of Duty teams like Optic, Faze, and TK around the age of twelve.  Ike’s passion for the game only continued to grow, “[I]…never really took to any other game series…it’s really the game I grew up on” and he didn’t stop there; he started his competitive career in 2019 with Call of Duty Challengers and eventually worked his way over to Call of Duty Warzone in 2021.  "I love everything about Warzone comp," Ike says. However, the main issue to address is the lack of a competent anti-cheat and the prevalence of hacking in the game.   Ike says "4/10 games you're going to have someone cheating and it's killing the game slowly."

The Wichita Wolves Director of Esports, Josh Murphy, also echoed Ike’s thoughts stating he was concerned about “anti-cheat not being the standard in a title such as Warzone, especially at the competitive level.” He also said he wanted to see some more structure from Activision regarding Warzone compared to other titles.  He believes this will help bring security and longevity to the game which is "becoming their most viewed esport."  While anti-cheat and structure may be a concern going forward, the Wolves are still confident and excited to be "try[ing their] hand at the esport a second time,” according to Josh.  He said that they simply needed “the right time with the right opportunity” and esport competitor Ike provided that opportunity.  When asked whether the Wolves would be interested in growing a Warzone competitive team he simply responded, "He is not the first player to play under our banner . . . and surely will not be the last." Josh explains how the Wolves now have an opportunity to make themselves well-known within the Warzone community.