About Us

Wichita Wolves Esports (“Wichita Wolves”) is an amateur competing and professionally structured Esports organization representing the City of Wichita. The Wichita Wolves provides players a team to call their own with an advanced local facility to practice and compete. The Wichita Wolves brand offers a unique, and otherwise untapped, advertising and business development opportunity to endemic gaming and athletic brands, as well as non-endemic local and regional brands, looking to capture the attention of the growing Esports demographic.

Started in 2019 by former competitive Esports player Dylan Reese, the Wichita Wolves operates around the clock online with a cadre of players, coaches, managers, directors, and executive leaders. Ranging from prior professional athletes and Esports organization owners to professionals with global sales and marketing experience, the Wichita Wolves’ staff is filled with innovation and experience to navigate the complex landscape of professional Esports.

The Wichita Wolves provides a stable environment for players to build on their competitive skills, address their mental and physical well-being, and goal planning and achievement. The organization holds itself accountable to include anyone of any background, race, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation and invite all to enjoy the passion shared by all athletes, coaches and staff. Being alongside an organization of like-minded teammates, all individuals grow in support of one another with commitment to the team, the organization, and the city of Wichita that supports them.


To uplift our communities through Esports championship wins, unforgettable fan experiences, and promoting Wichita entertainment and business offerings


To be the leading Midwest franchised professional Esports organization


  • Dylan Reese

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

  • Blaine Kirkland

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Blaine Kirkland, also known as Bossman on the social media pages, has prestigous experience in the esports industry. Beginning his work at the professional organization known as Lazarus as a Content Manager, he focused his craft into pushing engaging content throughout esports. After parting ways with Lazarus, he did contract work for several professional organizations in the scene until he landed a job at Elevate as the Marketing Director, where he abided for two years and grew the brand to what it is today. Blaine joined Wichita Wolves in late April where he is making strides to grow the brand to the best it can be.

  • Brett Dawson

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Devan Sparks

    Chief Creative Officer

    Devan Sparks, the CCO of the Wichita Wolves, has years of experience working within the creative teams of organizations in order to create a professional looking brand. With the modern design trends of companies constantly evolving, it is important for any brand to keep up in order to stay on top of the game. After joining Wichita in May of 2020, Devan has helped lead the Wolves in a modern and professional direction as the team continues to grow.

  • Josh Murphy

    Esports Director

    Joshua Murphy started his esports career with the Wichita Wolves. Since joining the pack he has grown immensely in the field and brought many successful programs to the Wolves headed by our R6 program. Creating positive relationships with any players he maintains has been his constant goal to help create a positive reputation within the many communities he manages as well as esports as a whole. He has also grown into becoming our Lead TO, helping organize many tournaments early in the life of the organization with Wolfpack Tourneys and now with 316 Tournaments as well as learning and helping throughout the company operations as Operations Manager. Josh is always looking to expand his knowledge in esports or operations whenever possible to continue to grow within the company.

  • Jacob Simmons

    Executive Producer

    Jacob Simmons, or Pap, has been with the Wolves since May of 2020. He started off as a general manager for 2k and madden and has now transitioned into the Executive Producer position for the Wolves. As the executive producer for the Wolves, Jacob plans and executes new content ideas as well as organizes streaming events by getting casters, producers, and or staff.

  • John Sill

    Chief Counsel

    John Sill, Chief Counsel of the Wichita Wolves, brings a strong legal and business background to the organization after years of study and professional experience in esports, small business development and general legal counsel. As a licensed attorney, the Wolves rely on John to safely navigate situations in order to maintain compliance and avoid legal risks. John first engaged with the Wolves in November 2019 and has assisted with the organization’s continued growth into the future.

  • Wayne Peacock

    Head of Apparel

    Wayne grew his freelance design service from the ground up, establishing his brand in the video game industry, working with creators, developers, orgs and event producers alike. With his knowledge of esports and broad skill set, Wayne offers versatility and experience as the Head of Apparel.